Friday, April 04, 2008

I've Survived

It's Friday ya'll and I've made it. I'm like a little school girl filled with thoughts of freedom. I can almost hear that last bell ring right before everyone dashes outside.

It's spring time and that means warm weather, chirping birds and little buds blooming... right? Not so much here in Chicago. The drizzle of cold rain falling this morning made for a frightful commute. It certainly was worsened when the Pace bus came early and all I saw was the tail end trailing away down the street. But it's okay. Because it's Friday.

My mood brightened when I escaped into my little knitting world. Sipping my coffee filled thermos, ear tuned to the Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood and my beach socks growing ever more in hands.

What really pull at the designer in me, is that the toe needs to have part of the cable on it. In stead of this rope cable just popping out of know where, wouldn't it be nice to see some sort of starting point?

They are turning out really great and I would definitely put this yarn into the category of Socks That Rock. I'm knitting on size US 1's and it's producing a fairly dense fabric. I would be curious to see how these would respond to a larger needle.

I find if I look outside and all I see is gray, I just open this photo and it puts everything back into prospective.


Knitterary said...

Actually, I like the toe as it is. Maybe I'm just used to toes that are nice and smooth even when the sock is textured.

The cable is showing up so nicely in this yarn. Usually cables disappear in variegated yarns. You ought to make notes and publish this pattern!

kadezmom said...

The socks are looking great. It was warm and sunny here, so you should have one awesome weekend day at least ahead of you. Didn't you package up some of that vacation sunshine to bring home and open up on days like today?

A :-) said...

I'm with Knitterary - these are beautiful and fabulous and I covet them :-D Please publish the pattern - actually, why don't you submit it to Knitty!!! I think they are a shoe-in to be accepted for publication there. I'll be a test knitter for you if you want :-)