Monday, May 05, 2008

Happy Cinco de Mayo

Or Happy Birthday to dear Hubby!

We keep it simple in our house. You get to pick what's for dinner or on the TV... but birthdays are just not really exciting anymore. Heck sometimes I have to remind him how old he is ...and I'm getting just as bad. If you think about it, after 21 the birthdays just go from bad to worse. The only thing worth looking forward to is the senior citizen discount...and Who Wants That?!!

The weekend was lovely. Got a lot done, yet still have tons more to do. We've been spring cleaning in the house and I was happy to unload 7 full garbage bags of E's old clothes off with Grandma. With 3 boys over at her house on any given weekend, she could use it.

The only unfortunate thing about spring cleaning is that those measly 7 bags didn't even put a dent in the mount. I think I'll load up the car and do a drop off with Good Will. Should only take about 7 trips;) At least it will be out of my house ... to make room for more yarn. Yeah, I wish.

The Leafling socks are past the heel and on to the foot.

The pattern has an interesting way of making the slip stitch heel. You work increases as a way of creating the heel instead of a picking stitches off of a heel flap.

It also has you continuing the slip stitch pattern on the bottom of the heel while decreasing. This is something new for me and can see how doing it on DPN's would work really well, however the construction while on 2 circular needles made it tricky.


Merry Gentlemen said...

That technique sounds interesting. What pattern is it?

Kris said...

The pattern is called Leafling and is from the April Rockin Sock Club package. The pattern wont be available until April 2009.

k_purls2 said...

Hmm, I like the heel. I'm turning the heel on a sock and I'm still getting those drat holes!