Monday, March 02, 2009

Entering the World of Exposure

Just recently I purchased a Camera. I say it with a capital C because it deserves that right. This camera was something I've been desiring for many years and since the economy needed a little push, I was happy to helped out.

My Nikon D60. I love it. You might have seen the commercials with Ashton Kutcher at the wedding...he wasn't what sold me on it, but it was intriguing enough to look into.

I've taken a few photos and of course little Miss Mac loves to let me take photos of her.

The hardest thing for me is learning to use a real camera all over again. It's not like I've never held a camera or adjusted my own shutter speed. Way back when I took a class in photography when there was only film at your disposal and yet I feel like a complete novice. sigh.

I do like exploring the settings and testing the camera out. I'm skipping over the auto-modes and jumping right into manual. I took my latest subject matter outside today for a quickie and to try and get a sense of my camera.

Another interesting item I picked up is the book Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson, which was highly recommended from several sources.

It starts out with the very basics of understanding how your camera works and how to achieve the effects our looking for. The above photo was my first exercise in learning manual exposure. I can't wait for the warmer weather and spring buds to start popping... great opportunities to capture some great shots.

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Amy said...

I have the same camera. I love it. I still have no idea what to do with it but I did get David Busch's Nikon D60 book and am starting to work my way through it.