Friday, March 13, 2009

My Zipper Adventure

In case your not aware, my St. Brigid will be not a pullover as the pattern is written, but a cardigan. Not only that, but a double pull zipper cardigan. It came to me in a dream and thus I can't see it as anything else but that.

Well, if you've ever had to find a zipper then you might feel my pain. I've been to every single store in the south suburban area that carries zippers and the scenario is the same. You'll find a selection of standard sizes in standard colors. Now as for double zippers go, you'll be lucky to find white or black. That is IF they carry it.

I then discovered ZipperStop by several recommendations. I do have to warn you that if you visit the site...they play music. Annoying, I know.

Because I was very interested in picking the right color, I decided to order the color card. I second guessed whether it was worth it when I noticed the price. It's not cheep, but what was I to do. It's an investment especially if I happen to order in the future.

It looks a little deceiving when you see the card on their website, but when you get the sucker in your hands... I can see why it costs so much.

Dudes, it flips open to SIX pages of rainbow goodness.

I'm still deciding on which color to go with. I want to see it in different lighting situations so I don't make a mistake.

The next coolest thing is that the zipper is custom. Pick a color, request a length, select a pull... very cool indeed.

So far the customer service has been excellent. I will definitely tell the tale of how I pick and measure and install this zipper, so stay tuned!

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Bethany said...

The color spectrum is very impressive! I also checked out the web site and actually laughed when the music started!