Thursday, March 19, 2009

Count Down...

With only 22 days until sunny Florida... I'm abound with knitting dilemmas. (don't laugh) What could be a dilemma you say? Well, for instance... should I start something new for the trip? will I be done with any of my current projects or will I be bringing them with me? I know I'm pathetic.

I'm hoping that I'll have all the pieces for St. Brigid done before I leave. I can't imagine seaming that sucker while at the beach. Ahhhh, the beach.

Maybe a new sock would be nice...or perhaps I should find the local yarn store and cast-on for socks down there! In my mind I've already packed my bags and headed to the airport. Seriously people. I'll be gone for 7 days. So much knitting time and what if? what. if. I. run. out. of. knitting. Oh The Horror!! {faint}

The only good thing about knitting the Nubby Cardigan in Florida would be for the extreme sunlight... although knitting black in the heat doesn't sound all that appealing.

Heck, this project is also practically knitting itself and perhaps I'll be done with this before I go away. Oh Hell.

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A :-) said...

I vote take some socks, and take a book :-)