Saturday, February 28, 2009

I've Got Startitis Bad

It's been a hard push for me NOT to start this project, since yarn and pattern collided in my head.

What could possibly be wrong, you say. Well, lets start off with the obvious reason...IT'S BLACK. Okay, normally I'm not all racially divided on the subject, but seriously? The only way I'm knitting this thing is during the day and all the lights on and possibly some radical involvement with moving closer to the sun.

The other reason is gauge. I know it's evil and yet it seems gauge will haunt me again. I'm a couple of stitches off the recommended amount so I decided the larger size would help here with the plans on getting in between sizes. Not a bad plan, certainly no guarantee but at least a step in the thinking ahead department.

Then we come to the ultimate winner. Yardage. Do I have enough? not really. I'm hoping to modify the pattern (oh shut up!) to eliminate the less then 200 yards I need.

Yep, I'm screwed. I think I'll search the trade/sell section on Ravelry and hope I come up with a winner.


Laurelena said...

Couldn't you just make a shorter collar?
It's a lovely sweater btw!

Knitterary said...

200 yards is a good bit of yardage to try to make up. You could eliminate the cables on the back and that would save you some. Shorten the body. I don't know, I still think you'll probably need more yarn.

KathyR said...

Very cute cardigan! It would be a pity to modify any of it. Black is great to wear but I agree with you on the knitting of it. Very difficult. Good luck with the decision!