Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Warning: Not For The Faint of Heart!

Let me start by saying thanks for the comments and to answer some of your questions:

Jill asks:
"You know the trick of stitching over the incorrect twist?"

I have never tried this method but it looks very interesting. I guess if I was ever put into a situation where that was my only solution, then perhaps I would try.

Knitterary asks:
"Ouch. I'd be worried about laddering down that particular cable. And about laddering down that close to the cast-on. What are you going to do?"

Well, I figured the best option was to do just that ... and ladder I did:

Scary? I know. It's not an easy task taking this method on, but it is by no means impossible to do. Here is how I worked it out:

I pulled out each ladder until I was down to the wrong cable, switched the order and keep the stitches live on a dpn.

Each ladder represents a row and every fourth row was a cable row.

I use the ladder as if it was my active yarn, making sure to tug on the first stitch. This will keep the cable from being to wonky. I then keep the middle stitches loose which will in turn make the last stitch fairly tight. When everything is said and done blocking will help any unevenness.

After a several long hours my St. Brigid is back on the right track.

Sigh. Now everything is right with the world!


Yarnsnob said...

Damn, you are one brave knitter. Kudos to you for having the nerve to drop those stitches and for a flawless repair!

Bethany (yarnorgy) said...

What you accomplished here is nothing less than phenomenal!

A :-) said...

OMG. You are a Knitting Goddess. I can't believe you did this. You ROCK, girl!

Knitterary said...

It looks great! I probably would have ripped it. You're braver and more patient than I!

Rebecca said...

Oh dear lord. That almost made me throw up! You are so brave! Wow. I bow before your knitting skills. /phew

Kirstin said...

I hope a good stiff drink was involved in that maneuver. I'd definitely need one!

nia said...

Sugoi naa! Amazing! I bow to your courage and your skill! :-) I have tried that on a SMALL project... and ended up just ripping out the whole thing (and never getting back to it *sigh*) Omedetou gozaimasu! Congratulations!

Tricia said...

Yahoo for you!