Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday Update

I really should have known. For all things that go right, there is then something that must be wrong.

The Tiny Toes that I've been working on here and there seemed to be going okay. That is until I tried it on. If I put the heel in the proper place I'm then left with extra on the toes.

Heels will have to be ripped out to the main foot and taken back about half an inch. That is unless I should give them away to someone with larger feet?


A :-) said...

Size 9's here :-D

Nancy said...

Those are beautiful socks! Definitely rip them back and make them perfect for you :)

Btw - can you tell me what type of heel that is? I like it a lot - and don't get along well with standard short row heels. Thanks!

nia said...

*Volunteers larger feet* Women's 12 here, hard to get good socks, impossible to knit ... for me ;-)

Heh, nah, really just rip back, these'll look awesome on you :-)

k_purls2 said...

I like the colors, did you rip them yet?