Monday, March 16, 2009

A Closer Look

This weekend I got a lot done on my St. Brigid front panels. I'm already to the stage of my decreases for the neckline. It wont be long now.

One very clear problem I'm having is the curling edges of the front panels:

I kind of expected it and I think blocking will help a little. Yet at this point I believe I'll be adding a i-cord edging once all the pieces are put together. This is the area where my zipper will be attached along with the braids for the bottom and top of the garment. I think an i-cord edge will be a great finish to the fronts and decrease on the shabbiness that comes along when you modify the pattern.

1 comment:

Laurelena said...

Wow!! You are booking, Red!

An i-cord edging will look fantastic!