Friday, May 16, 2008

For The Love of Strawberries

Back in March, our family had visited the Sunny side of the States. Spending a glorious week in FL with both relaxing and rewarding. One of the highlights of our visit was indulging in the local farmer's market. The smells and tastes are fabulous and to some surprise the kids were in heaven. I know my kids love fruit, but I'm talking refusal of apple pie verse the overflowing mixing bowl of strawberries.

We visited the market on several occasions and always to replenish the strawberry supply. Why breakfast / lunch / dinner and desert just wouldn't do unless there were strawberries. I guess there are worse things to get addicted too!

So why is it that I laughed my arse off when I received this. Well not that exactly, but something very close. A package of stackable planters to grow your own strawberries. Live strawberries with roots, dirt and all. Thanks Mom!

And just look how well there coming along:

We'll be doing some major gardening this weekend and Little Mac is eagerly waiting with garden gloves on and shovel in hand. Seriously. I used to hate it and now with her enthusiasm it's really starting to bring me around.


Laurelena said...

Yay! Strawberries are so cute!

I like how you were all, "Did I tell you guys my strawberry story?" You're so adorable!

Actually, I was thinking, I should tell you my strawberry story sometime. It's quite embarrassing actually. Helped me to re-earn the name La Chica Fresa.

Rebecca said...

you do know that you won't get berries the first year, right?

Oh, and need a photo of Miss Mac in her gardening get-up. :)

Knitterary said...

Mmmmm strawberries....

k_purls2 said...

I need to garden too!