Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Happy Wednesday!

You can't possibly understand how happy I am that it's Wednesday.

I always look forward to my SnB night. To hang with some awesome, funny and inspiring Stitchers. I don't have to much progress on any one project to post about. Mostly moving head on the Leafling socks, tackling the Fulmar row by endless row, or screaming at the Wicked #2 for allowing the new skein on the arms to provide yet another strip effect. Damn dye lot. It's okay...I've got more yarn for this project.

About a month ago, I was invited to participate in a Hand Dyed Sock Swap on Ravelry by a friend ...the infamous Kung Fu Knitting. Before you know it, I've been given a name and foot size of another swapper. It's a pretty cool swap, but I have quickly found out something about myself. I don't like knitting for other people. Now, I'm not going to back out of the swap, I signed up and I will go through with it. In fact I plan on swapping the Leafling socks, as I'm not sure if I will have time to knit another pair before the deadline.

I would also like to clarify that knitting for "others" means knitting for strangers. I certainly don't want you (meaning mom/friends) to think that I hated knitting stuff for you... I feel a very strong connection with the items that I've produced... is that odd? Like little babies going out into the world. And obviously this person connected with the swap is a knitter and will love and cherish the socks.. Oh hell, I guess I'm just a selfish knitter.

So much of my life is for other people that when it comes down to it I feel like... What is left for me? and I've found that knitting is ALL for me and if I plan on knitting something it will be on my terms and not on anyone else. So There. humph. I kinda feel childish saying it, but what can I say... it's the truth.


Knitterary said...

For years, everything I knit was a gift for someone else. I still do some gift knitting on occasion, but I got sort of tired of turning my knits loose. I prefer to knit for myself now.

Besides, who will appreciate my knitting more than me?

Merry Gentlemen said...

I hear you. I'm motivating myself with the knowledge that someone else is also knitting something for me.

When it comes to selfishness of knitting though, you're not bad. I almost exclusively knit for me only.