Monday, May 19, 2008

Green Thumb

You asked for it...

Yep, she's totally ready to dig dirt. We bought some pretty stuff at the nursery on Saturday and did some planting Sunday afternoon. It was really sunny out and with the cool breeze perfect for working outside.

I have no idea of what I'm doing, but it's fun. I picked up some Day Lilies, Hostas and some pretty grassy-flowery things too. Like I said, I have no clue. I like these and I know I can't kill it too easily. Hows that for strategy?

Here is before:

And After with Mac giving the plants some water. She's a serious trooper. She walked back and forth from the patio to the kitchen sick filling her little can up. After awhile I thought it would be nicer to just give them a bath with the good-old hose.

I'm planning on picking up some mulch and we've since added some wild flowers in the bare spots just to see what happens. The worst part of this whole area is the rocks. We have rocks EVERYWHERE and when you think you've gotten them all, think again.

As for Knitting...

Much as been done on the Fulmar. I'm on the last repeat round and the back will be complete. Then of course there are sleeves.

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