Thursday, January 03, 2008

Thursday Update

I'm going bonkers over here. People...seriously. Look:

That is the Fulmar. The back to be more specific. To get even more technical..that main body of patterned cables was done over the course of 5 days...were talking 34 rows of size 2 tight cables. That's something on average of 7 rows a day...and I know I didn't knit every day.

How is this possible you say. How is it that you go from knitting 2-4 rows on average a day to a whopping 7... no cable needle. Oh yeah baby...I've mastered the technique. I'm sooooo thrilled to have this down. Now, I'm back to work and don't have all that free time to knit away. It was nice to get a big chunk done though.

My other work in progress is the hot coco socks...

I was going to rip it out and try the yarn on a larger needle, but I got lazy and just kept knitting. I'm hoping it softens a little with the blocking.

I'm also thinking it's time to try out a heel flap gusset with these bad boys. I like the short-rows and have gotten to the point where it's mindless...which is good, don't get me wrong. I just feel the need to learn a new trick, since I'm on a roll:P


Merry Gentlemen said...

I'm trying to figure out how to do a heel flap and gusset on two circs. I think I have to add at least one DPN. What do you think?

A :-) said...

I've done heel flaps and gussets on all my socks so far - but I do top down on two circs so I'm not sure how it works toe up, but I think the flap is actually on the foot when you go toe up. I'd like to learn it toe up, too!

Merry G - If you're working top down on 2 circs, you don't have to add an additional needle to do the heel flap and gusset. Assuming you have 64 stitches split evenly, knit across the flap, then pick up the 16 (or whatever number you did) stitches for the gusset. Switch to your other circ for the front 32 stitches. Switch back to your circ with the heel flap and gusset stitches and then pick up the other gusset stitches, knit across the flap and first gusset, and start your decreases at the end of that row. The first few rows are a little unwieldy, but as you decrease it gets easier (and smaller :-)) Hope that helps!

Kris said...

I've seen Wendy's instructions (download on her website) for the heel flap and I've researched out tons of links on Raverly too. There are tons of references and math calculations that can help figure it out...I'm still trying to wrap my brain around it, but totally up for the challenge.