Friday, January 04, 2008

Looking Forward to 2008

I have to say that 2007 was a very good year for me. I can just imagine that this new year will be even better... Full of new friends and new projects.

I'm not to big on resolutions, as I never seem to follow through, but I did want to list some things I'm looking forward too. In no specific order...

1. Learning some new knitting techniques.

2. Losing weight.

3. Getting my first STR sock club yarn.

4. Sketching in my journal.

5. Taking my first soak in my finished master bath.

6. Blocking Fulmar.

7. Sewing curtains for my kitchen.

8. Making sock yarn on my spinning wheel.

9. Knitting and spinning with friends.

10. Blogging about it all.

I'm going to live my life to the fullest... enjoy it baby because it's a short ride.

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