Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Is It Winter In Chicago?

This picture was taken the first Friday of the year from my window. It's the Millennium Park Ice Skating Rink...if your interested it's open till March 16th. This shot got me there a limit as to how many people are allowed on the rink? I just get visions of a pile up of bodies when someone takes a dive.

Now, what is up with the weather? Come got up to 63 on Monday and I'm pealing the coat off, hoping for cool breeze off the lake...getting back to normal as of today.

Well, of course you don't want to hear me complain about warm weather...I should be happy for the relief. Here is some knitting content for you...

The Hot Coco Socks are on their way to being a FO!! Few more rows of rib cuff and done.

Fulmar is coming along smoothly. Not as fast as when I could knit on it all day long, but progress non-the-less.

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