Saturday, January 05, 2008

Meet Cyber

I love taking pictures. I remember when the digital cameras first came around... wow... no film. This concept as I have envisioned it must be pretty close to the effect of sliced bread. I still have a soft spot for the 35mm cameras, but you can't beat instant gratification.

When little Mac was born I bought my first digital. It's a 3 mega pixel Fuji FinePix and back then that was a standard point and shoot model. As far as "standards" was usable. What do you mean by usable? Well, taking pictures of anything moving is out of the question. Taking pictures in low-light is also out. And God for bid you have to take a close up of anything!

This year is the year that I chose to upgrade. Went to Best Buy to see what was out there. I didn't want some huge honking thing because I carry my camera everywhere. I also don't care about how thin or stylish it is...I did require that there be a no-flash option and macro for those close-ups of yarn.

I walk over to the display and I see a bright yellow Clearance sign for the Fuji FinePix 8.3 mega pixel model. Cool. Same size as my old one. Same function keys, so it felt friendly. I couldn't pass up a the Price of $149!! On top of that they only had the floor model... so another 10% off... sweet!!

I get the thing home and it sucks monkey balls. Yeah... all the features I wanted, but it was slower then my first camera. I just couldn't live with it. Went back and got me a serious upgrade. Meet the new love of my life the Sony Cyber-shot:

Yes I'm a dork taking pictures of myself in the company bathroom. But flash and I got real close to the mirror too!!

Investing a little more money in something you love is always worth it. I would have ended up hating that camera and more then likely not taking any pictures.

Oh, just think of all the yarn p0rn that will be exposing it's self;)


Anonymous said...

Are we in a time warp? I am reading your Saturday post on Friday. I am confused. :(

Kris said...

I was trying to be cool and test pre-posting ... guess I can blog from the future;)