Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A Snowy Fiber Adventure

What's the best thing to do on the first day of the first month of the year. The 4th Annual New Year’s Day Open House and Sale at The Fold.

Knitterary and I ventured out into the wind and snow in search of fiber. Toni knows how to throw a party...

We pulled up to this when the store had been open for only 30 minutes. The fiber lovers didn't stop coming. The weather was frightful, but the sales were delightful. We shuffled, and compressed ourselves into the store. Tons of stuff on sale and all the fiber lovers around us were just so pleasant. Makes waiting in the checkout line for 40 minutes not such a bad deal.

Sale bins where scattered through out the house and not to mention the delicious spread for sandwiches, dips and chips.

With our tummies and fiber fix satisfied ... we ventured out for the long stretch home.

This was the best deal of the day. Classic Elite Attitude was on sale at 75% off... yes folks...can you believe it!!! it's a cotton silk blend and gosh is it soft. Now, what to make with it?


A :-) said...

I'm so jealous! I wondered if you would still go, with the rotten weather we had. Looks from your photos like there was quite the crowd :-) Maybe I can go next year.

Merry Gentlemen said...

ooh. Your trip sounds fun. I miss my friends.

Anonymous said...

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