Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I'm sneaking away from my HEAVY work load to keep you all in touch. I never felt it was ever necessary to apologies for not blogging and when I read about others feeling sorry for it...please don't. Life takes over...haven't stopped knitting...have tons to talk about...just can't.

I've taken pictures, just none to post. I need to get an extra cord for the camera...makes blogging on the fly difficult. The Endpaper mitts are slightly obsessive. Sooooo sucked in that I got way to comfortable on the ride home on the train. Yep, creepy guy sat next to me again. He totally caught me off guard and didn't realize who he was until several moments later. He was actually not doing too bad at first. I scooted over so as to leave some breathing room between us. He then relaxed and started to do what he does best... fill in that gap and smoother. I looked over and kinda gasped. How did that did he find me. sigh.

I put my knitting away, grabbed my coat, gloves, scarf, coffee mug and proceeded to remove myself from his presence. Next time I vow to say something. I don't think he should be allowed to go on train commuting without knowing about his poor behavior.

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Nia Skywalk said...

Hey Kris, check this out if you are wanting something a little faster :-) It may not may not be helpful for you, depending on specs, but definitely worth a look-see.

Eye Fi

Miss talkin' with y'all.. haven't really knitted since before September, but someone leant me a knitting machine so I am getting back into it again. Hopefully chat with ya another time!