Friday, October 03, 2008


I have fallen to my knees and looked up to the sky to plead to the Knitting Gods.


It's really not their fault. I take full blame for my incompetence. You see folks, I did one very bad thing when I started on the back of the Ogee Tunic. Do you want to know what lameness I've done? I'm sure you do... and I'm quite embarrassed to admit this on my blog.

The reason why my back was coming out too wide was.... I did not read the pattern chart correctly. sigh. The front was done perfectly. The back I just assumed I was doing it correctly without counting my stitches before moving on to the body of the sweater. You see, the chart contains cabled sections where you preform a decrease. D'oh!

This means an extra 32 stitches forgotten. Within the past week I've reworked and made the same mistake twice. I. Really. Don't. Want. To. Re-knit. So, you know what? I'm not. So There!

In the mean time I've been putting a little time into getting the second sock done for the Gumdrop pattern.

Not to bad... I've been working these while watching the debates. I'll just say that last nights VP debate was a snooze.

Last but certainly not least are the belts for the Pea Coat. I figured I'd work on the small pieces while still having Ogee looming over me. Now I'm seriously tempted to get the main body of this project cast-on too.

This weekend in Chicago we're celebrating YarnCon. If all else fails I'll be there. It's really up to the mommy soon to be... See you there!

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