Thursday, October 09, 2008

Continuous Cables and more...

I can't put this down. I did not walk to the bookstore yesterday, I ran. Melissa Leapman's new book came out just the other day. And what was hilarious was the dream I had last night after spending time with this book. Where Melissa and I were at this cute cafe in New York chatting away about cables. Giggling to our selves at how something so easy looks so fantastic!

I'm so smitten with her cleverness... Hey Melissa, if your ever in the Chi lets hook up and have a latte!

The only thing that I didn't care for was the staging of a Malabrigo blanket on the beach. I don't think I would be placing my 17 skein single ply wool afghan any where near such a setting. If that is my only complaint, then heck it's a winner!

In other knitting news: I've started the sleeves for the Ogee Tunic. There is a lot of shaping involved with these sleeves and I'm just not doing it. The yarn has no structure for this kind of shaping and would be a waist to time. It should be smooth sailing for about another 17 inches or so...

I'm still thinking over what to do about the back. It's bigger then I wanted, but within the limits of wearable. I will most likely block the front to see how much the yarn blooms and make my decision then.

The Gumdrops are coming along just great. I've reached the heal portion of the sock and kinda kicking my self for not doing them two-at-a-time. This involves me looking over the last sock to make sure I'm repeating the adjustments. Oh bother.

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Laurelena said...

Is this the kitten you're smitten with? :P

I'll have to check out the book sometime :D