Saturday, October 25, 2008

Where I Open My Big Fat Mouth

So y'all know I hardly ever knit anyone anything, right? Oh, sure there is the occasional gift, but in general I'm pretty greedy when it comes to my knits. Well, the other day I was thinking about how the weather is changing and scarfs, hats and mittens sound like a lovely thing to make.

I then pictured Mac with a cold neck... making her a scarf would go quick. In fact I have some squishy alpaca yarn that would be perfect for her. It's a lovely shade of brown and tan that barber pole together.

So I say to Mac, "Hey since it's getting cold outside would you like for me to knit you a scarf to keep your neck warm?"

She replies with a resounding "Yes!" and off we go into my room where I pull out the stash bin that contains the alpaca. She then comments that this is going to be so fun!

I tell her that I've found this really soft yarn that I'm sure she'll love. Right as I'm grabbing the yarn she dives into the bin and pulls out some Berroco Chinchilla in Hot Pink and Purple.

"I want these MOMMY!"

"Oh crap."

"These are so purrty mommy and it's pink and purple and my favorite mommy" as she bounces up and down.

"Sure sweety. Anything for you."

It was torture. I'll never knit with that again, but how could you resist that face? She wears it all the time, which makes me feel so good that it makes me want to knit her 10 more, if she asked;)


Mrs. H (aka MrsAych) said...

She looks so sweet in her new scarf! What a smile! :)

Elizabeth said...

I HATE knitting with that stuff! So you are to be honored for keeping your word and not trying to "steer" her toward something else. :) Such a pretty smile is the perfect reward for the work.

eca said...

she is sooooo beautiful! i can see how you'd have such a hard time telling her no =)