Thursday, October 16, 2008

Blind Knitting

What the hell have I been doing? Why the hell didn't I notice that the sleeves are 14 inches at the opening cuff????? Do I blame the designer or myself for not fully understanding what I would end up with as a finished project?

The picture in the book clearly does not have extremely belled sleeves... so why would I assume that the cuffs would be extremely belled? The smallest size has the cuffs at 12, which seems a fair bit large, but what I don't get is why do we need to make the cuffs 2 inches deeper for the larger size? They added a repeat on the edging... but why? I'm sure the difference in a small woman's wrist is not much different then a large!!

I just don't have the patience for frogging this project. I'll finish and be done. If I like it then I'll wear it. If not I can always rip it out later.


A :-) said...

Oh dear - this is reminding me of the Amazon sleeves on the pink sweater that no one but me likes :-S I know you're going to be glad when this project is done.

Had a friend ask me once why I would finish something I didn't like (knitting socks with bamboo blend wool). I was compelled to finish something I had started . . . do you feel the same way?

Anonymous said...

It looks wonderful, and it's a great color. :)

Knitterary said...

Let's hope for the best -- maybe you'll like the finish sleeves.