Monday, September 29, 2008

One Finished Object and One on the Way

I've been doing some secrete knitting, as it was a gift for my Sister-In-Law. I think she reads every now and again, so I didn't want her getting any peeks at this project I was doing for her little one to come.

My SIL is due to have baby Hunter around October 12. She is seriously close, but anyone who's been in that situation knows it's the worst part. Each day, hour and minute seems like an eternity.

When I was trying to come up with something to make for the Little One... I knew it had to be unique. It had to be something that fit the mom's taste. I then remembered a conversation I had with her about the new Harry Potter movie coming up in November (alas I do know that they've moved the release date - jerks!) and that she was wondering if taking Hunter would be possible.

Since he would be perhaps a month old by then I told her he would most likely sleep right through it. That is when I got this idea. It was brilliant. I was so super psyched about it. I bought me some hunter green and silver (gray) yarn from Knit Picks.

I then cast-on for a Slytherin Baby Bag. Yep, a snake wraps around the body to then rest on the left hand shoulder. Complete with buttons at the bottom to access for changing. I presented the gift in hopes that it would entice labor, but no good.

She was jumping up and down with excitement... or at least as much as a woman who is about to have a baby in two weeks can. If your wondering where I got the pattern... sorry to disappoint you, but I made it up on a whim. I do have the makings in progress for writing up the pattern and I'm hoping to have a free download available soon. Although it will be for a standard baby bag not the HP-Slytherin version. I don't want a certain writer coming after me for copyright violations;)

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Knitterary said...

Don't call it the Slytherin bag, and you should be fine. Call it the snake bag or something.

It's very cool. :)