Monday, October 06, 2008


This weekend was full of high points. A:) and I got to spend the day with fiber lovers at YarnCon. This is the second year running and I hope it gets bigger and better every year.

This is the main exhibit hall that contained half of the vendors and it's absolutely stunning. The Mason-Dixon Ladies were there to sign the new book, unfortunately they ran out of copies! It was nice to see project pieces in person and to chat it up with the southern gals.

Considering I had no budget for fiber, it was difficult, but handing out with my fiber peeps was just as rewarding. Don't you just love those impromptu cheesy shots? Miss Linda was a doll.

My SnB Buddies from Froebe Fibers had a booth at this years event and aren't they looking just adorable!

I also got the opportunity to see two knitting stores. One was Nina and it's a very boutiquey. Great lighting yet I didn't really want to touch much, although I did;) I think it's having the displays so structured. The second location was the Knitting Workshop. Complete opposite of the other store. This felt more like your best friends apartment turned into the ultimate stash location. Both had good and bad points, but I'm grateful to have a wonderful yarn store closer to home.

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La Petite Tricoteuse said...

I must have walked right by you without noticing (not likely) or we just were off timed. We went to Yarn Con and then Nina as well.