Thursday, September 25, 2008

One Drop Done

I'm half way done with my pair of Gumdrop socks. I love how quickly one sock is knit up...but then I realize why I do them two at a time. Hopefully if I run home tonight, cast-on for the second sock I wont be left to feel the ill effects of SSS (second sock syndrome).

Pattern is fairly easy to memorize... that is if your not completely engulfed in your SnB conversation like I was last night. Not to bad of a mistake, but sheesh you'd figure I could handle it.

In other knitting news, Ogee has been frogged. Well, at least the back. I will drudge forward and keep my tension tight. I promise.

A package just arrived... OH YEAH BABY!
September's Rockin Sock Club Package!!!! oy... the SSS is killing me right now!

1 comment:

KathyR said...

I feel your pain at having to frog so much of your work. Tight tension/good knitting thoughts coming your way!