Friday, September 19, 2008

No Math, I promise.

I do have to apologies for that last post... no more math... at least for a very. very. long. time. It gave me a headache writing it and gosh my eye balls were about to pop out of my skull just rereading it.

Instead I do want to show some updates I've been working on. Ogee Tunic is coming along superb! Just look here:

With the front done, I decided to repeat the same design on the back. It's going quick and with only sleeves to really get in my way I can totally see the finished object in my future.

It's sunny in good o'Chicago and if your living in any part of the Midwest your singing a happy tune. No rain and plenty of sun means everyone should get out and enjoy the weekend to the max! We don't get many of these and when they come take advantage.

In other news, I scored some Riverstone yarn the other day and I'm swatching right now...

Guess what for? Most of my SnB gals will be screaming it out as they read the above line. Here is a poor photo taken from the book.

That is a photo of the St. Brigid sweater designed by Alice Starmore in case your not familiar. I accomplished one of her other fabulous designs, Fulmar over this past year and I'm now tempted again with this one. I love cables.. what is a word stronger then love? ...adore? worship? lust? oh yeah... I lust cables;)

I picked up 2 skeins of this yarn, one in the above picture is the Harvest Moon color. I like it. It's a deep yellow, rustic, kinda mustard looking... like the color of fall. I just don't know if this will work well on me. I do wear the fall colors better but not sure if this is the right tone for my complexion.

I think I look good in this color, like it makes my hair even redder some how? But seriously... will I look ridiculous in this yellow sweater? Like a walking Banana?

My other back up color is Emerald green, which is my go-to standard color for anything. I just was thinking something new and different... but not stick out like a giant bumble bee.

Oh, here is a thought...I could modify this sweater to be a cardigan. What do you think?


A :-) said...

Say it with me children: St. Brigid!!!!!!

No - no cardi - It's an intriguing idea but this is one pattern that I think needs to be knitted as a pullover (minus the fringe) - at least for your first one ;-)

I'm partial to green (us redheads and green!) but I think you could carry off the mustard color. If it's what you want then go for it!

I'm going with the dark blue Kathmandu I showed you because I'm thinking of this sweater as more of a jacket - it's not going to get covered up with anything else. I mean, I don't want to hide those stunning cables.

Knitterary said...

I think the mustard color is lovely, and no walking banana anywhere. It's too rich to make me think of bananas.

How do you like that Riverstone?

Citygirl-Em said...

HI Kris...It's Emily-remember the catalog? I absolutely love your's so cool! I like the mustard color. I think it would make a lovely scarf, lol...because that's all I can do!

stop by my blog sometime...not much knitting going on there, but there are other things!