Friday, September 12, 2008

Progress on Ogee

The front of the Ogee Tunic is off the needles.

I've done some major modifications. When reading the pattern it tells you to start the neck shaping when the slit finally measures 9.25 inches. What? So, I go looking through Ravelry and I see all the projects have very low dipping slits. I really didn't want this... it would mean I would have to wear something under it. Needless to say my slit is not that deep.

Now I have concerns about the sleeves matching up with the armholes. I will have to make some adjustments I'm sure. I have been taking notes, so if I cross my fingers everything will work out fine.

Yay Me!
It's My Blogiversary today and if you post a comment containing 3 unique blogs you'll be in for a chance to win sock yarn! Deadline is midnight tonight!! I'm hoping to draw winners over the weekend. Thank you all for everyone's list of blog entries... have been discovering new ones and loving it!

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