Friday, September 05, 2008

On Track

After ripping out the 24 or so rows of cable work, it's back on track and looking so much better.

The pattern has you build this traveling cable on a stockinette background which doesn't work with this yarn. My modification has added purl stitches in along the edge of the traveling cable and also on the inside sections.

Here is a little story to hopefully brighten your day...

Last night as I was talking with my mum on the phone, Miss Mac suddenly is pleading for my attention.

MM: I was wiping my butt.

Me: Excuse me mum, MM has accomplished the act of wiping. (It's the Big Issue in our house)

MM: It wont go down the hole.

Me: Wait... what was that?

MM: I was going potty. I wipe my butt. It wont go down.

Me: Mom, I have a poo situation at hand and have to go... (hang up phone)... Now, MM what is this all about. (as I walk towards the bathroom).

MM: See it wont go in the hole. (as she points her finger at the ever increasing water level in the toilet then proceeds to flush again)

Me: Oh Crap (yes literally) Where the Hell is the Plunger?????

Total hysteria hits the house as Eric and I frantically search for the plunger that should be right. there. next. to. toilet. Yes, my evening was then left with sanitizing the bathroom and running a load of funky bathmats. sigh. My plans of going to bed early were tossed out with the toilet water. So when in doubt knit.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


Knitterary said...

I think that looks very nice. The cable, that is. Not the poo. ;)

Anonymous said...