Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tension = Gauge

I've been hell bent on getting the Ogee Tunic done or at least front and back done before adding another monster of a project. The Pea Coat has been prepped and ready for several days now, but NO! I wanted to get further along before adding another project.

Over the beautiful weekend I got sick... head cold really. Stuffy, achy, sniffle, soar throat kinda sick... kept my weekend thrills down to couch knitting and movies. Monday was the worst of it all and so I stayed home. I slept most of the day away and when it was time to go to bed for real, I couldn't fall asleep. I then thought I should check on my Ogee as I was approaching the shoulder decreases and I wanted to make sure everything matched up.

That was when I got confused. Why is my back larger then my front?

The front would have to seriously stretch out to meet up with the side seems. That's odd. I cast-on the same amount of stitches... the armhole decrease match, but the width of the whole back turns out to be about 5 inches wider then the front. Not Good.

I pull out the ruler and I measure my gauge. My gauge grew. I then slumped onto the bed and cried. I was rows... ROWS away from having the back done. DONE!!! and now I have to rip the whole thing out. Why did I not notice this sooner?

The Knitting Gods have cracked their whips and I bow before them not worthy.

So? what did I do this morning? Well, I did what any bitch-slapped knitter would do... I cast-on for the Pea Coat... ok, the belt at least.

So There. Neener-Neener. I started it anyway.


Merry Gentlemen said...

Red, how'd you pick up such bad juju?

A :-) said...

Hope you are feeling better soonest!