Monday, February 15, 2010

Ravelympics Update

I think I have truly underestimated my knitting abilities. I thought this would at least get me through the week.

I'm currently on the decrease for the top and I don't feel that I've really set myself up for any real challenge. So I pulled out the Left Over Sock Yarn Blanket...

This is really all that I've done so far. Pathetic really. 15 squares. This is where I think I'm going to set myself up for a REAL challenge. I'm planning on knitting ALL My Left Over Sock Yarn for the remaining days of Olympics.

Each square measures 3.5 inches. Currently the blanket is 17.5 inches and I plan on making a 60 x 80 size blanket. Lots and Lots of squares. 414 squares to be exact. Yes, that's right... Four Hundred and Fourteen squares.

I'm off to knit!


CraftyCripple said...

That really is some under taking. But I have found that watching the Olympics is making me knit faster as it can get pretty exciting at times.

Knitterary said...

You're sizzling like bacon! :D

I'm making progress, too, but nothing compared to yours. Which sock yarn blanket pattern are you using?

amlahe616 said...

I warned you beamont was easier than it looked. Your is turning out beautiful.