Thursday, February 18, 2010

FO: Beaumont Tam

Pattern: Beaumont Tam

Yarn: 2 skein of orange and green in Kauri Merino Possum Silk

Needles: US 5 dpn and circular needles

Started: February 12, 2010 - Ravelympic Opening Ceremonies

Finished: February 15, 2010

I do have to say that there are some things I did change and some I didn't mean to change. First off, now looking back at the directions, my 2x2 rib is too long. I didn't realize that when the pattern called for 1" (3/4") ... those are for two different patterns... The one inch is the Tam and then the three-quarters inch is the Beanie version. sigh. Not a full 1 and 3/4 inch. I'm sure I'm getting points deducted for not staying in form or something... but perhaps I'll gain points for creativity???

In the beginning I wanted the details to be in orange and the background in green, but once I got really into the pattern I wasn't feeling the contrast. I then ripped back, but not all the way. You can see the orange wave line where I had attempted the switched colors.

I didn't rip back further because there was an increase row and didn't feel that I had to go back and redo those too.

The yarn is really soft, lofty and with the added silk a smoothness is definitely there. The tam has a bit of a fuzzy halo to it that I kinda like. The colors don't contrast enough for my liking, but it's not like I wont wear the hat;)


yarnorgy(Bethany) said...

Kris! You are sooooo talented!

amlahe616 said...

It is beautiful

Knitterary said...

You know, it might just be that the contrast is dulled by the yarn halo. The colors really don't blend together at all. They're distinct (without fighting with each other). But maybe the less crisp finish makes it seem less so?

In any case, I love the hat. It's very pretty.

Sara in WI said...

I'd wear it. It really is lovely!