Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Play Date Continued...

If you've been following the activities from Laurelena's blog of these cute, adorable and lovable Giraffes... go now to catch up on what they did earlier.

At some point during the day, someone gave these two a soda. I'm blaming the Shop Daughter, as she's very well known for stirring things up!!

The next thing you know All Hell Brakes Loose!

They start climbing the shelves!

Squishy yarn start falling all over the shop floor!

Then Geoffrey gets stuck and Eugene tries to help him up... Total and complete chaos.

To see more please visit Laurelena's blog.


Tricia said...

Mr. Ben has been crying ever since they left. Despite his gruff exterior, he's really a softie. Has Geoffrey had a potty mouth since his visit? If he has, I'm sorry. Mr. Ben is not exactly a good influence. He's been to Texas after all.

Susan said...

Awesome! Can I snag some photos to put on my blog with a link to you blog?
susan b anderson

Kris said...

Oh Susan, of course you can!

CFCina said...

Oh so cool! Just found your blog and AWESOME Giraffe buddies off of Susan's blog! Great job..SO FUN!
~ Kathy (Oregon)

Kate (KnitsInClass) said...

Saw their adventures first on Susan Anderson's blog - I wanted to let you know how cute they are! Love the clever photography -

Sara in WI said...

Coming over from Susan's blog. The giraffe pictures are a hoot! I also think that I'll be checking over here often. You have some amazing work. Thanks for sharing!