Thursday, January 21, 2010

Look... Body Parts!

When your building a knitting toy you can find yourself in either two scenarios. 1 - your either "Why The Hell Am I Making Body Parts" .... or 2 - "Oh, Look I get to make a Leg!"

Making toys can be a challenge. Some patterns call for sooooo many pieces that it just seems so fiddly, that you just want to poke yourself in the eye for even starting the project.

I don't do many toys, but certain patterns just kind of pop out at me and this Giraffe was one.

Once the bum of the Giraffe was starting to turn into the neck. I had to add some poly-fill or stuffing if you will. The pattern calls for pellets to be added to weigh the toy down and I really liked that idea. Except I was a little worried about the little beans coming out from the knitting. I tried to knit a tight gauge, but it was enough of a concern that I picked up some muslin and make a bean-bag to place inside.

The knitting continued with the addition of the head and a few legs.

This little guy is starting to take some real shape. With each new body part it seems to make him become more alive and this personality is starting to shine through.

I guess it's about time to starting thinking of a name. Any suggestions?

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