Wednesday, January 06, 2010

FO: Norwegian Star Earflap Hat For Mac

Pattern: Norwegian Star Earflap Hat by Tiennie Knits

Yarn: Cascade 220 in Pink and Purple (half a skein in main color and a quarter of the other)

Needles: US 7 circular needles

Started: December 5, 2009

Finished: December 7, 2009

No modification were done... and yes you read that correctly. Knit in two days. Great quick knit. The polar fleece lining took longer to do then knitting the hat.

And I'm not sure if it's just me or perhaps this look has been around for awhile and I just didn't realize it... but I'm seeing this style hat EVERY.WHERE. go figure.

I also think she has warmed up the idea of this hat. It might not be Hannah Montana, but it sure keeps her noggin warm in these below 0 temps.

And how could she not smile at our matching hats!

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Mrs. H (aka MrsAych) said...

Lovely hats! And Mac is absolutely adorable. :)