Monday, January 11, 2010

Annual Trip to The Fold

For the past several years a bunch of us Knitters get together on the first day of the year for a little fiber, friends and food.

What is our destination? The Fold!

(from the front)

We pile in what ever vehicle we so happen to have (Thanks Jen!) and we set off a little too early in the morning for most people on the day after New Years Eve.

(from the back - Thanks Aleta!)

Time goes by fairly quickly... even with an hour and a half drive to the middle of farm country other wise known as Knitter's Mecca. I really wasn't planning on getting anything. I love just being with The Girls, but once there a few things started calling my name.

Two books: Mostly Mittens and Book of Sweater Patterns. Then I couldn't pass up the Malabrigo sock yarn in a muted green color, 2 skeins of Renaissance and several skeins of Lanett fingering weight yarn to do a mitten-hat-scarf set using those colors.

Once our parade of knitters were done we headed to the Gaylord for a Awesome Indian buffet. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. We had a blast and I'm so grateful for having such good friends. It was truly lovely to start my new year off with a bang like that. You guys are the best! Now mark your calendars, because come summer solstice we're doing it all over again.


nia said...

Aw Nuts! missed out and I ACTUALLY could've come along this time ;-) Looks like you all had a ton of fun :-)

Kris said...

Your so bad... You need to let people know you'll be in town!!! Sorry that we missed you.

nia said...

I am just really bad at updating everyone until it is too late :-/