Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hey! You've Got a Spot On Your Sleeve!

The one interesting thing about this tweedy yarn is the slubs of color that pop around the fabric. Mostly it's been teal and yellow lime bits, then out of no where came along this red. I love how this little spot just jumps out at you... it will be interesting to see if there are anymore surprises.

This post was really just going to focus how interesting the sleeves have been to knit because of the lovely color pops that come along. Yet when I walked into the Panera for SnB last night, I was a little concerned about the length.

I had over met my length by 3.5 inches. Oh about not paying attention. So not only did I have to rip back the over knit amount I had to go back further to allow for my increases to happen before I made the notches on the armholes. sigh. At least I discovered the mistake now instead of after finishing the sleeves.

My hands are really starting to strain under the pressure of getting this done. Normally I would have another project to work on in between to break up these moments of stress, but I haven't touched any other project. I have plan looming in February that entail concentration, ie: St. Brigid.

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A :-) said...

Oh oh oh - St. Brigid . . . I'm not done with St. Patrick . . . send some of your determination my way!! :-)