Monday, January 26, 2009

Busy Days

I sometimes wish that I could win the lotto. sigh, it would be nice to have all that free time to do What. Ever. You. Wanted... instead of working EVERY day until you shrivel up and croak. Not like I'm bitter:P

So, while I'm stealing a quick moment from my ever lovin paid job, I wanted to post about my current projects.

Pea Coat from Hell! is in the middle of being seemed.

As of this very moment. I don't like it. Perhaps I'll feel different once I get the collar on and finish the lining.

Lets move on... Cable Lagoon socks are to the point of creating the heel. I love this part as it means it half way done.

Postwar Mittens are to the thumbs and I'm super excited to get these going. We have one more class to finish the thumbs and then I'll have my first FO of the New Year.

In other news, my dear friend and shop owner Trish cast-on my St. Brigid for me, so now I'm all ready to jump start that project come February.

Tata for now... I hope my work schedule will lighten up soon, but just know I'm still Knitting!


Knitterary said...

I bet you'll like it once it's done. The fabric is gorgeous, really a lovely texture, and the knitting is flawless. There's a lot to like about that coat!

A :-) said...

You have a lot of big projects!! And you're all ready to go with St. Brigid. I had a day home yesterday (not by choice) and I'm nearly done with one of the St. Patrick sleeves . . . Decision Made: I'm casting on on Sunday for St. Brigid whether or not I'm done with the other!

p.s. I bought lotto tickets today :-D