Saturday, January 17, 2009

Guess What Stinks In The House?

Wool Blocking, of course!

I can't tell you how happy I am right now. Just Elated. I even went to Joann Fabrics for some felted-back satin. This was highly recommended by Georgian during my Saturday outing at Nana's Knitting Shop.

I was looking for more of a POP for the inside... you know a little something funky but I think this will really set it up for a comfortable fit and give it an elegant look too.

There is only one remaining piece that is still on the needles, the collar. Once the main parts are dry I'll be well on my to having the collar done too.

Now for any sewers out there... Do I need to pre-wash the felted-back satin? I'm thinking not, but hoping for a little guidance;)


A :-) said...

On the fabric - it's been years since I've done alot of sewing, but I would say that if it's washable, then you should probably preshrink it if it's not already preshrunk (get it wet, put it in the dryer - not too hot - pull it out and press it again before you start cutting), but I'm thinking that it might not be a washable fabric - in which case this jacket will only be drycleaned in the future, so you wouldn't need to wash it.

bjwalsh said...

My gut agrees with A :-)
I would think the satin is not a washable fabric.