Friday, January 02, 2009

Exploring Color Options

If you haven't see the Twist Collective online magazine...go take a look. When I saw the winter series, what popped out most for me was the Postwar Mittens.

So I was completely thrilled to see that Nana’s Knitting Shop was scheduling a class for this pattern. After begging to be allowed into an already filled class I went off to pick out my colors. It was a bit hard, but this is what I came up with:

After getting several "Great Pick" comments I took it home and then started to ponder if I had chosen the right set. My geeky-ness will now seep in and show you how concerned I am about these color choices.

I drew up a quick sample of the chart needed to plug in my colors and this is the result of the main color selection with dominate green:

Not bad, but what if we flip colors for a dominate brown:

Then I was thinking the yellow was not being used enough, so how about this:

Yuck! Definitely not that one. Now my concern at first are for the powerful contrast of the brown against the green. What if I went with a darker green instead:

Then of course I had to flip that and see:

Then I realized that the picking of the darker green was actually more like the original colors in the pattern. That isn't really what I wanted to do, not that I don't like it, it's just that I want my own version, see?

What do you think? Should I have the green or brown be the dominate color?


Karin aka Guin said...

I say brown! :)

Laurelena said...

I like the dominant brown the best, but I'm trying to imagine some purple in there instead :P

Knitterary said...

I like the dominant brown best, too. It's bolder and cleaner.

Have you tried dominant brown with the yellow, and using the green as the accent color? I only ask because in the picture with the skeins, those are the colors that pull together for me. The green flows nicely with them, but the brown and yellow together are what keep drawing my eye.

Anonymous said...

You obsess as much as I do. Follow your heart.

Yarnsnob said...

Brown as the dominate color actually makes the green color stand out more.

eca said...

i've been so bad at substituting yarn (never giving a thought to content, drape, etc) however, i don't mind substituting colors! i like the dark green/light green combo... there's something nice and pleasing about a gradual shift in colors, to me... i say go for a dark dark green if they have it.

if not, i say dominant brown and light green.

Kris said...

You guys are awesome. Thanks so much for the feedback...still contemplating my choices;)