Thursday, November 09, 2006

What a way to spend the day...

Spinning a wheel and making yarn.

This great sample was borrowed from Vicki at SnB last week and it's tons of fun - not much like knitting. It's different but I still get that "I'm Making Something From Nothing" feeling and I love that! Thanks Vic for the loner...what fun, you've now created a spinner out of me:) I'm so on the quest to find a good hand spindle and not sure where to go just yet. I'm buying some roving out of a catalog that lovely Theresa has con me are such an enabler:)

I was totally bummed when my camera stopped working at last nights SnB meeting. Mika showed off her lovely finished striped seed stitch blanket. The Main color was chocolate brown an the contrasting strips where array of colors that came close to a rainbow without it really being a rainbow. Aleta was also there showing off her amazing jeweled blue and coco ribbon shawl. Dang those batteries - oy!

Had to show off this cutie-pie that I love to squeeze.

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