Monday, November 06, 2006

Fabulous Felting

I knitted like the wind this weekend and finished my felted bag. Colors are gorgeous, entrelac texture is beautiful (although that's gone once felted) Must try this pattern out on another project...haven't thought what yet. This picture gives you an idea of how large the piece is Pre-Felt...hoping to fit same books inside once felted.

and yes, I'm a Stephen King fan...have only gotten thru the first chapter of this latest book Lisey's Story, and all I have to say is.."I can't wait to be sucked in." It happens at different times in a novel for me, sometimes with the first line, sometimes it takes half the story. But overall, I really enjoy his writing style.

Here is the piece with flap closed held by hubby who wishes to remain anonymous...Must be the embarrassment of my stash;)

So, I threw it in the wash and this is what I got.

It is totally fab-u-lous!! I did imagine the end product to be a bit larger...more messenger bag size instead I have a large purse. Once the piece is dry I will photograph it better and hopefully my books will fit. Not sure anything else will though. I knitted up a strip for the strap..and will need to be cautious when it comes to felting it. I don't want it to get too small.

I hope it's dry in time to show off to the SnB group on Wed show-n-tell!! Happy knitting!

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