Friday, November 03, 2006


National Blog Posting Month!!! Who knew you were suppose to post everyday and with me glancing at the calendar seeing November 3rd!!! I can't believe it...I've failed without even knowing it. I guess I can try and make up for it...

I've come up with an idea for holiday gifts, (All family members please don't read on...would hate to ruin the surprise) I'm going to knit up face/hand-cloths in different stitch patterns ...for one, it's a good practice on stitches and end result is a great usable gift. I'll then add some lovely handmade soaps, that I'll pick up somewhere...Any suggestions on a not-overly-priced-handsoap? I like making gifts for people, it represents a deep connection to the recipient. Have not gotten any bad responses from family on my cheap...opps, hand crafted unique gifts, but no award winning praises either. Not like I'm expecting some magical response. I just would like to know if they absolutely hate the stuff. I mean...I would rather know to buy a simple gift rather then taking my valuable time and energy in creating something memorable.

I think I've also come up with a solution to my felt bag strap issue. I'll knit a strip connecting the front with the back by picking up stitches, carrying over to the other side and picking up more stitches on the opposite side. The only down fall to that idea is that the strap wont be adjustable and without knowing how the felting will take, the strap could possible be to long for my I'm not so sure on that idea. I might have to rethink it.

I have no knitting pic's for you to see today, but a pic of MacKenzie will do just fine.

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