Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Still Going...

I made it!! I finally made it to Stitch Number 5,349,330 to finally drop and see the wonderful drop stitch..ahhhhh, talk about thrilled. And even though you can't quite see it...there is a neck shaping thing happening.

I've also come to the sneaking suspicion that this sweater will end in tragedy. Having nightmares of a dropping those 7th stitches to only be left with a complete disaster... balled up mess, no possible way of fixing, no voodoo will cure.

I was brought to this conclusion on the train ride home the other night... Commuting in and out of the city every day has given me much fiber pleasure. Until I noticed that there was 8 stitches where there should be 7. Okay, I told my self, no prob... looking over my work I decided that tinking back was not an option. Some how an extra yarn over was to blame and the only solution was to do a quick decrease...K2tog...Right? Easy said, easy done. Then, why was I thinking that doing the decrease on the seventh stitch would be okay???? Was I mad!!! When the sweater is on it's way off the needles...that seventh stitch is to be dropped...creating this gorgeous ladder effect. I held my breath and tried to remember... did I have this issue before? did I do a similar mistake early on? I just want to throw the damn thing in the back of my closet and forget that I ever started it.

What am I to do... continue with this sweater to only be disappointed in the end when there are extra holes and ladders where there shouldn't be... it's the complete mystery sweater. This lovely Alpaca lace pullover sweater has stitched it's way into my heart... but do I go on for weeks and weeks dreading the day that I finish? do I frog it?? Could this be a case of the prancing pony?? I need a stiff drink and a shoulder to cry on.

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