Sunday, October 22, 2006

I Feel Clever

The boy requested fingerless gloves ...and so I set out to do just that. I searched all over...books, web --many thanks to Mary Bridget for the web pattern, it was great reference. I just couldn't find the perfect I was left with designing my own. Here I go again...against the grain. But..I did it...I'm so happy with my self for being so clever.

Can you see the Pinky???? It's really quite simple, just knit half upper stitches on waste yarn to separate out for each finger.

Here is one glove finished, but I don't think the one skein will be enough for a full set. Plus, I think the boy would like it in a blue instead of teal. These sure are a quick knit, now if I could make some for my self. This weekend was quite cold...and guess what season it is???

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

Too cute! I love the gloves. Please write down the pattern so I can make a pair. I have a sister who goes ga-ga for fingerless gloves.

Did she walk up to the biggest pumpkin there (bigger than she is of course) and insist it be that one? She should have. :)