Monday, June 08, 2009

Spring Trip to The Fold

On Saturday our lovely gang of Stitch n' Bitch ladies headed out to a little sweet spot called The Fold. I just love how our group can feel like some hard ass bitches one second and innocent tea time ladies the next.

I promised photos, but besides for this random Lets Get It Started photo, I got nada! Six of us piled into Jenn's mini-van and off we headed in search of fiber.

We had an awesome time exploring the shop and discovering little gems to take home.

I picked up Chuckanut Yarn in hopes I'll get gauge for the Faery Ring, but as my cold has done funky things with my brain... I think I'll wash the swatches and recount later when I have a clear mind.

1 comment:

Laurelena said...

It was great fun, Kris. Thanks for driving!