Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bath Update

Over the past week we've made some pretty significant strides on the Master Bath. We had repainted the bathroom after a horrible glowing green monster color was not pleasing to the eye. Back to the Depot we go with toilet topper and sample tile in hand. We must have looked at 18 different shades of green, gray, beige and yellow... we then had our handy paint guy (who has always been there for all our paint selections - except for the botched monster green) who picked the one color we liked the most.

It's actually several shades lighter then the existing tub and toilet. The name is Winter Garden and it's quite striking. At different times of the day, you'll see yellow or green and it's as if we planned on using dated '70's colors!

The bath has changed quite a lot since this last picture. We've installed the plumbing for the faucet along with the cabinet and counter. So do you know what this means?? It means we, for the first time in 8 years have running water.

I sometimes feel like I'm living in a dream and have to run and test the faucet. It's fabulous. We still have so much more to go... tub faucet, towel bars, rob hooks, toothbrush holder, mirror, storage cabinet... sigh, but we've got water. real. water.

And I couldn't have done it without my husband. He's awesome. So, Happy Father's day to you all, whether you've made your wife happy with a new master bath, or just made a cup of coffee for her in the morning.. Cheers!

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Lookin' good!!!