Monday, June 29, 2009

Just a Whole Lotta Stuff...

Life is crazy in chez Red's World. Lets look at those highlights, shall we.

The man-child Mr. E turned the big One-Four... yep 14.

I'm proud of him in so many ways, that it's really hard to even count them all. He surprises me all the time with his bountiful love for family and his sassy attitude. I'm happy he's found his voice, because for a long time during his childhood I didn't think he would posses the ability to stand up for himself, let alone others. And just look at him, I think he has his Coolness down pat.

Blocking has commenced for the Celtic Icon. It was a long time coming. Those damn sleeves took FOR.EVER. This also means that I'll need to start taking measurements for a zipper.

I have also jumped ahead a tad and started on the Faery Ring. The Knit-Along starts July 1st, but I just couldn't help myself. This is the boarder hem that is knit until the full circumference of the bottom. Then I'll be picking up stitches along the edge to build the rest of the jacket.

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