Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Random Wednesday

So, you'd think that since it's Summer of Socks 2008 (SoS08) that I've be working on nothing but. Ha, your wrong. I would like this to happen but I've got plenty to distract me.

Here is my socks so far:

Good progress considering that I only knit a few rows here and there. I'm approaching the heel part, so I've worked out about 10 minutes worth of math by plugging in my numbers for the formula. These socks are turning out super squishy and will most likely be my favorite sock... that is until I get another pair off the needles;)

My other knitting project is the Ogee Tunic:

This garment is knit up using Dolly yarn and I love the feel and texture. However, I'm not too sold on the structure of the cables. This yarn has a very tight twist and you can see the main fabric when knit in stockinette is twisted as well. Overall, I don't mind so much that the bottom design doesn't pop... I'll be pleased in the end with how soft and lofty the final project feels.

Update on Fulmar. I don't have a current photo and would rather present that Bad Boy in full when finished. There are only 10 more rows of the neck to finish before I'm seaming the sides. So close.

As far as the Windmill Beret goes... I'm pondering. I hate to rip, but can't buy more yarn as the final project wouldn't fit any human being.

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A :-) said...

Speaking of cables - I want to make sure you know that you REQUIRE a copy of "A Fine Fleece." You will love it!!! ;-)