Monday, July 07, 2008

Lesson Learned

Just look.

Amazing color. Fun knit. Goes fast.

Then you pull out the remaining skein of Noro to find this:

I haven't even finished the full body yet. I would still need to go another 10 rows before my decreases begin. I should totally be done with this by now. I calculated it out and it will be approximately 26 inches around.

I know I've got a big head, but damn! I want to toss this sucker into my closet and say screw that... but the colors, just look how awesome they look.

Damn gauge. Where's the wine? or maybe it should be a shot of tequila?


Knitterary said...

There's something that looks a little off about those increases. It looks as though you might be working extra rounds in between the increases. This might be adding to the radius.

A :-) said...

Um . . . if all else fails, I have a 22 7/8" head :-D I always have trouble getting a hat to fit my head :-)

Laurelena said...

Are you accounting for the bind off? It's really tight unless you force it to be loose.