Monday, July 14, 2008

Knitting Companions

These little guys hung out with me while I took a break to knit in the park. Chicago nature life; if your spend any time in the city, we loving call the pigeons: rats with wings. Which is totally realistic. I couldn't even tell you what breed these scavengers are, but they don't mind getting close. Yeah, two feet close.

Someone had left a few chip crumbs and they were taking advantage. The next thing you know this Bird Lady comes walking by with a bag of sliced bread. sigh. Why is it that she thought it was okay to toss bread pieces a couple of feet away from where I'm sitting? Because the next thing you know, every creature charges in from all pin points of the park to snack.

Thank goodness they didn't dive bomb me for my parfait. That would have been bad. Real bad. It's also a good thing these creatures don't like fiber;)

Windmill Beret was ripped and now back up and running. Totally get the pattern, I think;) Decided to follow Knitterary's idea of putting each section on separate needles. Loving the colors and totally hoping to have the colorway end on the orange. I can only hope.


Knitterary said...

Those are weaver's finches, sometimes also called house sparrows for the way they will nest in eaves and attics. They're friendly but not usually aggressive.

Your beret is looking great! Love the colors.

Anonymous said...

The beret looks lovely, but the birds just made me think of Alfred Hitcock's film of that name!